30-Day Self-Care Challenge

Does your self-care need a jump start? A challenge is a great way to familiarize yourself with what self-care is, inspire new ideas for self-care, and begin the process of integrating self-care into your daily life. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you start next month with 30-day challenges. The result would be excellent because self-care is prominent for a healthy life. With this simple 30-day self-care challenge, you’ll focus on taking care of your mind, body and spirit.

Day 1: Wake up with water

First thing when you wake up, drink one to two glasses of water. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from drinking more water throughout the day as well!

Day 2: Create a bedtime routine

Just like babies and children need a consistent bedtime routine, so do adults perform at their best. Go to bed at the same time after completing the same restful activities in the same order.

Day 3: Skip the sugar

Omit all extra sugar from your diet today as much as possible. That means no sugar in your coffee or tea or on your breakfast cereal. If you drink soft drinks daily, swap them out for water today. Say no to the candy and cookies.

Day 4: Do yoga or meditation

The power of yoga or meditation is overlooked by many, so we delay or avoid it often. But on this day, try doing yoga at least for 45 minutes, and you’ll feel great. It is even better if you can make it a habit. Yoga, like any other workout, works magic on our body and minds. While we can burn excess calories through yoga, we can also free up our minds and create space for novel ideas.

Day 5: Plan the following week’s meals

Make like easier for yourself and get your meal planning for the next week down. Try to include as many healthy, nutritious meals as possible.

Day 6: Get fun and fruity

Go to your local fruit and vegetable shop or farmer’s market and treat yourself to fresh, tasty fruit. Eat as much as you want, whenever you want.

Day 7: Step it out

Go for a 15 – 30 minute walk. Depending on your location, try to get as close to nature as possible. Walk briskly and with purpose. If you’re at work, try doing this on your lunch break and see how it sets you up for the rest of the day.

Day 8: Have a digital detox

Spend the day off the internet and social media instead of filling your time with things that make you feel good!

Day 9: Declutter and donate

Donating is a good deed as well as a productive activity. For example, let’s assume that you are decluttering your wardrobe and having outfits that you don’t wear. Hence, it is better to donate those outfits so that someone else will be benefited.

Day 10: Financial security

Safety and Security – Get a free credit report. Use this to set new goals for yourself!

Day 11: Dress for success

Look good, feel good. You will feel more excited about going to work when you have a nice outfit put together. Take some extra time this morning to get ready for the day ahead.

Day 12: Declutter camera roll

Getting rid of clutter is a great way to organize your life and practice self-care. Take 1-2 hours today to declutter your camera roll.

Day 13: Watch a movie you love

Whether it is a new release or an old favourite, bundle up and take the time to unwind and watch a movie. Try not to multitask or run around; sit back, relax and enjoy.

Day 14: List your blessings

Even though we have so many things to be grateful for, most of us are pro at complaining. And being ungrateful is not something healthy. Thus, make a list of things that you are blessed with. On this day, think about your blessings and jot them down, and once you are done with the list, you’d regret being ungrateful.

Day 15: Laugh it out

Because laughter is an excellent medicine for the soul, do something that will make you laugh. Watch your favourite sitcom. Talk to a friend who always has a good story to tell. Play with your children.

Day 16: Watch a TED talk

Go here to see the most popular TED talks of all time.

Day 17: Learn something new

Whether it’s something simple, like a fact you’ve always wanted to know, or more complicated, like teaching yourself how to crochet, make today the day to learn something new.

Day 18: Organize your closet

Go through your entire closet today! Organize everything you love and set aside anything you don’t wear or want anymore! Consider donating these clothes or reselling them on carousell. Whatever seems more appropriate to you!

Day 19: Self-love spa

Make it a priority to practise self-love today. Compliment yourself. Be compassionate to yourself. Enjoy a self-love spa day by taking care of yourself inside and out. Try a new face mask, use the sugar scrub you made yesterday, nourish your skin with natural products, try a bath bomb, etc.

Day 20: Sleep as much as you want

If this day falls on a weekday, you can swap it to a weekend. If not, you’d have a hard time with your work schedule. On this day, don’t set the alarm, so sleep as much as you want. Sleep plays an essential role in your physical health. Many of us see it just as a way of resting.

Day 21: Stretch your body

Loosen up your muscles, improve your flexibility, and relax your body by treating your body to an excellent stretching session!

Day 22: Positive affirmations

Studies show that positive affirmations lead to positive thinking. Take a moment to find powerful affirmations that resonate with you, write them down, and repeat them aloud as many times as you need to!

Day 23: Practice mindful eating

Find your mind racing while you are having a meal, or hardly remember what you had for breakfast? Slow down and practise mindful eating today. Block off some time and put away screens and distractions to fully enjoy and notice what is on your plate.

Day 24: Sleep early

Have an early night. Get to bed earlier than usual and give yourself a chance to catch up on sleep!

Day 25: Baking

Bake your favourite treat and enjoy!

Day 26: Get together with friends

Arrange a grown-up playdate with a friend that doesn’t cost money. Ideas include going on a hike, having a movie marathon at home, or sitting in a park.

Day 27: Read

Take this time at home to enjoy a new book. Buy or download a book and read for at least 15 minutes.

Day 28: Play bartender and make a fancy cocktail

Try making a special drink for your next happy hour at home. Not much of a cocktail lover? Wine or beer works just fine to wind down.

Day 29: Family activities

Plan and schedule something fun to do as a family. Give the TV and screens a break and enjoy a game night as a family. Whether you love board games or a simple card game, this can suit any family’s size or ages. You can even play virtually with your family outside your home.

Day 30: Dance to your favourite song

This is as simple as it sounds. Pick a song you’re jamming to these days and dance! It could be a solo dance party, or you could get the whole family involved. We all could use some time to let loose, plus it is a fun way to get your body moving.


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