What We Do

Based on the strong belief that “Happy Employees lead to Healthier Businesses”​,
Workwell.sg is a Workplace Wellness Partner, focused on keeping your employees happy and healthy through our 4 pillars of health.

This, in turn results in better productivity, lower healthcare costs, and less turnover.

Physical Activity, Body Care & Nutrition

Choose from a range of fun physical activities to be conducted in the comfort of your workplace. Exercise delivers health benefits, and it boosts productivity too! It’s also important to understand your body and understand the different types of medical risks relating to one’s age, gender, postures and lifestyle and what are the preventive measures one can take

Emotional Wellness

Enlighten your employees on ways to manage stress, build mental resilience and harness the power of emotional intelligence through a selection of programs carefully curated to promote mental well-being, such as therapeutic activities, mindfulness workshop s and informative talks.

Financial Wellness & Awareness

Incorporating financial wellness into a workplace wellness program helps employees become better educated about their personal finances such as
their retirement, property, investment, lifestyles, etc.

Chronic Disease Management

Monitor your employees’ risk of chronic disease with Basic Health Screening that covers Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure , fasting blood glucose (for detecting possible or early diabetes) and blood cholesterol (to determine the risk of coronary heart disease).

Our Latest Programs

When Were You Last Stress-Free?

Your body is equipped with stress responses that help you to focus and get you out of sticky situations, however, in our modern day and age, we are subjected to prolonged periods of stress which are pretty harmful to the body.

Food and Mood

Similar to how healthier foods can have positive effects on your body, they can also have positive effects on the mind.

Heal Headaches Without Pills

Throbbing head, or feel like your skull is in a vice? You’re certainly not alone. According to the World Health Organization, about half the general population has headaches during some point in any given year, and more than 90 percent report a headache at some point in their lifetimes.


Getting Started

What is Workwell.sg?

Workwell.sg is a personalized Workplace Wellness strategies consultant, focused on helping you keep your employees happy and healthy. This, in turn results in better productivity, lower healthcare costs, and less turnover.

What are the types of programmes offered under Workwell.sg?

We offer many varied programmes that are categorised under the following categories namely, “Chronic Disease Management”, “Physical Activity, Body Care & Nutrition”, “Emotional Wellness”, “Financial Wellness & Awareness”.

Kindly contact us at tel:+65 8201 0307 or email to natalie@workwell.sg to enquire for program information offered under the respective categories.

What are the benefits of enrolling into the scheme?

The workplace is a key setting for promoting the health of adults. Organisation can have a positive influence on employees’ health by creating healthy environments, ensuring that organizational policies are conducive to good health, and by providing health promotion programmes and services at work. It enumerates the benefits of having a healthier workforce with the results of higher productivity, reduced health care costs, decreased absenteeism, lower work-related injuries, higher job satisfaction and performance.

In addition, companies enrolled in this scheme will have easy access to cost-effective and impactful health programmes.