8 Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Every business should have goals aimed at increasing productivity in the workplace. The more productive your company is, the easier it is to boost profits and improve business relationships. And most enterprises that focus on productivity usually have healthy and happy employees, which adds to their overall success.

Making small changes to habits will drastically improve the levels of productivity and office efficiency in your business. Whether you’re just starting your company or being in the industry for several years, it can be challenging to know what to do to make your employees happy. How do you get your team to be more productive without constantly motivating and micromanaging?

We’re here to help. Here are some essential strategies to make your business more productive.


Conduct regular reviews

One of the most apparent benefits of regular reviews is improving the overall performance in the workplace. Taking the time to analyze the work produced by your staff over the last year or any period you wish to review is the perfect opportunity to find areas that need attention.

Making sure the goals are achievable and offer support to make sure they reach them. Never be afraid to inspire, motivate and reward. Offer constructive criticism and provide personal incentives when a job is well done. Part of the review process can include an opportunity for your employees to offer suggestions for improving their working day.


Collect feedback

Employee productivity isn’t just about giving feedback—it’s also about receiving it. Create an environment that makes employees feel comfortable sharing their insights about your work environment, whether it’s assessing the lighting and ambient noise in the room or suggesting a new policy that could save time.

This openness will alert you to potential threats to morale, so you can resolve them before they become problematic. You’ll also likely uncover a host of new ideas for improving productivity in practical ways, such as by implementing a new company policy, recommending a new productivity analytics tool, or changing the procedures for how to complete projects. Once you have these systems in place, you’ll have a baseline that you can use to compare to your efficiency levels after you start incorporating more productivity strategies.


Delegate duties

Increasing responsibility for your employees is a good way of improving morale and job satisfaction. Delegation comes with an element of risk, but increased responsibility is essential for improving your staff’s morale and job satisfaction. Give responsibilities to qualified employees with a proven track record with success in a particular field and trust that they will perform the tasks well. It will benefit your company and provide your employees with a sense of achievement and direction in their careers.

Productivity shouldn’t just be about who works more hours or who gets more tasks done during a given week. It should be about balancing those tasks, so they’re executed as smoothly and efficiently as possible, based on the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. It’s also important to delegate with specific instructions, so there’s little to no risk of miscommunication.


Avoid unproductive meetings

Another way to increase productivity at work is to avoid scheduling events that don’t accomplish much. Meetings tend to be unproductive because they’re poorly organized. They’re allowed to run for a full hour or longer and because they’re usually not as efficient as email in terms of communication value.

You can significantly improve your productivity by cutting your meetings as much as possible. For some businesses, that means meeting far less often. For others, it means reducing the number of meeting attendees. For still others, it means reducing the time for meetings down to 15 or 20 minutes—and trust me. You won’t miss the extra time.


Have the right tools and equipment

Your employees will not be able to perform their duties efficiently without the right tools and equipment. Providing employees with the right tools and equipment is essential to perform their duties efficiently and on time. There’s nothing more counterproductive than spending time waiting for paperwork to print because you haven’t got a fast printing device.
High-quality, modern programs and equipment make a massive difference to the workforce and how your company is perceived.


Let employees decorate their office

Learning how to be productive at work includes doing work physically and visually enjoyable. By creating a well-organized and decorated office, the workplace can be a pleasant place to see every day. The more comfortable employees feel at the office, the less stressed they will be. One way to maintain a healthy work environment is to create an upbeat atmosphere that makes everyone feel appreciated and motivated.


Create an employee wellness program

An employee wellness program is more than just an incredible employee perk. It’s an effective way to ensure your employees are in the right shape to do their best work. Here are a few benefits of having an employee wellness program.

More productive employees
  • Numerous studies suggest a healthy lifestyle correlates with increased productivity. Don’t believe us? Next time you hit a rut, get your heart rate up, and you’ll likely get back in the zone.
Less office stress
  • Too many people and companies accept workplace stress as the norm. But it leads to burnout, which can result in higher employee turnover.
Fewer colds, flu and other illnesses
  • Everyone knows healthy practices prevents illness. And business proceeds as usual when fewer sick days are taken.
Fewer office-related injuries
  • Taking a break to exercise or just stretch prevents common office injuries, resulting in fewer worker compensation claims.
Happier employees
  • Offering a wellness program leads to happier employees. They’ll appreciate the benefit and be generally positive because they’re leading a healthy life.

Making these activities a regular occurrence is also a good idea as it gives employees something to look forward to, other than their pay packet. The activities also ensure that employees are mentally and physically fit for the workplace.


Provide Opportunities for Training

Training is a crucial part of increasing productivity. A better-trained employee is going to be a more productive employee. With more training, an employee will understand their job much better and will make fewer mistakes. It has been found that training is beneficial for both employers and employees. Providing opportunities for progressing through your business will help keep your workforce engaged and make their job more enjoyable.


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