Workplace Seminar on Myopia – A Deeper Look into Singapore’s Most Common Eye Ailment

Myopia rates in Singapore are among the highest in the world, with one in five children having the condition by the time they enter primary school. That will rise to seven in 10 children by the time those children reach 18 years old.

Also known as “short-sightedness,” myopia is a vision problem that renders a person unable to see things clearly unless they’re close to the eyes.

Young children are found to be more susceptible to the condition but don’t put your (eyewear) glasses down while raising a celebratory one yet. If left untreated, myopia can lead to permanent problems such as blindness.

In this workplace talk you will learn about Myopia, it’s causes, managing it and how you can various forms of treatment and corrections to improve the quality of your daily life, and should you be seeking treatment or not.
So sign up for this Workplace Talk now and get in-the-know of how to manage Myopia for you and your loved ones.

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