Retirement Planning in Singapore – A Beginner’s guide for the confused ones.

Life expectancy on our tiny island is increasing day by day – When you think “retirement”, do you imagine travelling the world, cruising on your own yacht, enjoying the sun and the sea by the beach? Sorry, but retirement in Singapore isn’t quite as cushy as that, unless you happen to be sitting on a fortune.

There is a saying , “When you retire, every day is a weekend.” So do you really need to plan for your retirement?  Come to think of it, how much do you need in your retirement pot? Would S$500k, provide a comfortable lifestyle? How about S$700k – or maybe $1m? It all depends on your age, lifestyle, income, and circumstances, of course.

This workshop will expound and clarify the concerns many Singaporeans have in regards to Retirement Planning, and the solutions to these problems.

  1. What’s the retirement age in Singapore?
  2. Retirement in Singapore – what’s the cost of living like?
  3. Can’t I just withdraw money from my CPF Retirement Account?
  4. How do the CPF Retirement Scheme, CPF Life and Medishield Life work?
  5. Will I have enough money for my CPF Retirement Sum?
  6. How else can you plan for retirement in Singapore?