How Volunteering Can Help You Better Manage Stress & Mental Health

It’s amazing how we can make time for others but leave so little for ourselves. Altruism is a good thing if it’s for a good cause but do you know that you can actually help others and yourself at the same time?

It’s called “volunteerism.”


How does “Volunteerism” help?

We all want to feel good about ourselves and volunteering for a cause does that. It is a positive activity that helps the needy and less fortunate. Furthermore, we are social creatures, and volunteering opens up avenues for new connections.

At the end of a volunteering work, chances are, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s still “work” because effort is needed and more than that, a true sense of selflessness.

Let’s talk about stress

Stress is a real silent killer, and it can adversely affect our mental health. Unfortunately, it’s often left ignored, unresolved and unnoticed, leading to detrimental results.

Given the fast-paced world we live in, the issue and reality of stress have become even more prevalent. There are ways to beat stress and Workwell Workshop On Combating Stress With Chiropractic Care is something you could consider.

“Volunteerism” is seldom high on the list of ways to beat stress, but it should be.


Food for the soul

“Volunteerism” presents an opportunity to feed your soul and the prospect to truly understand what really matters. The feeling of having helped someone or a cause goes deeper.

It can actually help you stave off depression and even lower blood pressure. Volunteerism can go a long way into achieving true health and wellbeing.


Out of time

“I don’t have the time” is perhaps the most common excuse that anyone has when it comes to volunteering. Granted it can be true but that’s the thing about “time,” we don’t really have it yet we can make it if we really want to. Just like how you make time to catch up with old buddies and finally read that book.

It’s the same with volunteerism. You have to make the time for it.


Where can I go?

There are plenty of places where volunteering efforts are welcomed and needed. Here’s a list that may call out to you:

The list is by no means exhaustive but just an inkling of information on how and where you can volunteer your time.

In addition to the list, the various hospitals and hospices also welcome volunteers to lend a hand in their programmes.

You’ll be amazed at how helping others can actually help yourself. You’ll realise the true meaning of happiness and contentment, and you’ll even feel humbled – in a good way.

All that positivity will soon reflect on yourself and your wellbeing. You’ll discover the meaning of sharing the love and loving what you share.