Don’t let what’s good turn into something bad

The current Covid-19 pandemic has, undeniably, disrupted lives and livelihood. The uncertainty surrounding the virus has translated into more than it being a physical health issue – it has also affected the mental well-being of people everywhere.

We are encouraged to occupy ourselves with healthy activities during this challenging period. But it’s not enough to practise it – going about it the right way is essential yet often overlooked. Intended good habits can lead to resulting bad habits.

Sweat it out the right way

Home-based fitness routines are on the rise. A trawl on the internet will throw up many examples of just how people are going about it. While indeed, it is inspirational and healthy, it can cause injuries if not done right.

There is no denying that physical exercise activities are good for the body and mind, but we have to know our limits and understand the proper way of doing these exercises.

Injuries may heal but the bad habits we picked up from not doing things the right way can be harder to get rid off. Remember, it’s called dumbbell curls, not dumb curls.

Sugar, spice and everything nice

Home cooking and baking activities are also on the rise. People are finding inspiration to start cooking or improve on their home cooking via simple recipes available online. But simple doesn’t usually equate to healthy.

Baking, as an example, seems to be widely perceived as being healthier than frying. While this may be true to a certain extent, what you put inside your body and how much of it is what truly matters. That muffin and cupcake or bread sure taste delicious but did you check on the amount of sugar you poured into the mix? What about the other ingredients?

Make a habit of being mindful of what goes into you.

Food for the intellect

Now is an excellent time to catch up on some reading and increase your knowledge. But don’t let it be an excuse to spend more than the recommended time on your smart devices and computers.

All that endless staring into the screen can lead to health issues, including poor eyesight and posture. Another thing to take note of is to ensure what you are reading about are based on facts that can be traced to reliable sources.

For example, conspiracy theories are just that – theories, so stick to facts. Do not overwhelm your brain with unreliable information. As human beings, we are rather easily influenced, so stay properly informed for the sake of your mental wellness.

Undoubtedly these are indeed trying times, but we should stay busy and productive. In times of crisis, there are opportunities for those who can find positivity. Use this time to improve your wellness, be it in the form of physical activity like exercise, healthy eating and increasing one’s knowledge, among others. Remember to engage them the proper way, and if it does get too overwhelming, do seek qualified help.

Stay safe and stay well.