Heal Headaches Without Pills

Throbbing head, or feel like your skull is in a vice? You’re certainly not alone.

According to the World Health Organization, about half the general population has headaches during some point in any given year, and more than 90 percent report a headache at some point in their lifetimes.

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with them, though, the first choice of pain relief tends to be over-the-counter choices painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which are easy to obtain and can neutralize some headaches pretty quickly. That’s because they block an enzyme in the body connected to the production of prostaglandins—molecules involved in pain and inflammatory responses.

However, popping pills so frequently can lead to stomach issues, like stomach upset or even gastrointestinal bleeding. Plus, over-the-counter headache medication can lose their effectiveness over time, leading to a “rebound headache” that prompts you to take more and more of the meds to get the same relief, thus creating a vicious cycle.

What causes the “ache” in headache? The ache in your headache does not come from the brain but rather due to the irritation of nerves in your head. Painkillers provide temporary relief but the cause of the headache remains uncorrected.

During this workshop, we will be introducing chiropractic as an alternative and effective solution to this head throbbing issue!

At the end of this workshop, you will learn :

  • Analysis and correction to the vertebral subluxation which are damaging your nerves rather than temporarily relieving the pain.
  • Advice on the different types of headaches and the possible irritated nerves around different sections of the spine.
  • Natural headaches remedies