Desk Exercises Workshop

Remember the days when “work” meant manual labour with a side of blood, sweat, and tears? Neither do we. These days it seems we’re more likely to log hour after idle hour with our bums glued to our seats. And while you may be an Excel champ by day and gym rat by night, recent research suggests that the recommended 30 minutes of cardio five times per week may not undo the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

So what’s a worker chained to his or her desk to do? Luckily short bouts of aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching in between conference calls and meetings can help improve fitness levels and heart health. While these deskercises, or desk exercises for the cubicle-bound, won’t promise Olympic mile times or six-pack abs, they might just improve strength and burn a few extra calories to boot. So whether it’s Powerpoint, Photoshop, or emails on that to-do list, we’ve got some simple exercises for a healthier (and happier!) workday.

Does your backache after a long day at work? Are you experiencing headaches or migraines, neck and shoulder tension, carpal tunnel syndrome?


Desk jobs aren’t only making you less active throughout the day, but also increase the likelihood of major health problems. Sitting in a slouched, poor-posture position for 5+ hours a day is crushing the spine’s limited load. Basically, your body is going to suffer unless you start to make a change and we can help you.

This is a simple 30-40 minute workshop, which will teach you how you can start to improve your seated posture and minimize the pain. Interspersing short movements and exercises throughout the workday will boost your energy, engagement and efficiency!