5 Ways To Keep Healthy At Work

Being stuck in a deskbound job is not (make that never!) an excuse to ignore your health.

Having an “excuse” is just a habit and a bad one at that! It’s akin to lying to oneself repeatedly, that’s what the “convenience of an excuse” seemingly accords.

So if you’re reading this at your desk at work, be thankful that:

  • you have a job
  • you’re reading this

because here are some tips for you to stay healthy at work.


Eat right

Food is what fuels your daily needs and activities. Try to make an effort to get some breakfast into your system. Fuel up by consuming low glycemic foods (low-GI) as they will last you at least till lunch. If you don’t have time, a glass of juice, protein shake or a piece of fruit will do.

Don’t go too heavy on lunch because you still have half the workday (for the lucky ones) left! Moderation is key, lest you find yourself zonking at the computer keyboard.


One cup or two?

 Too much coffee results in a spike in energy but the crash and burn after-effect often outweighs its benefits. What’s worse, you’ll find yourself refilling that cuppa just to keep going, as your system gets seemingly immune to its effects.

Furthermore, slipping out of the office to the café during working hours (when the pantry runs out) for a refill might land a pink slip on your desk when you’re back! Opt for water instead.


Posture up

 Are you sitting right? Does it matter? Yes it does, because if your posture is out of whack, you can almost hear the cries of agony and pain from your neck, shoulders and lower back. Adopt a good posture and get a hold of a backrest (and elbow rest while you’re at it) if the need arises.


Take a break

Don’t spend too long sitting down, it’s not good for you! Get up and walk around the office now and then. Peel your eyes away from the computer screen and stare into something at a distant as digital eye strain is a real problem.

Invest in a pair of digital protection glasses as they help to reduce glare and exposure to blue light, which is commonly emitted from digital devices. An impaired vision due to self-neglect is not something you’d want to see in your medical report, is it?


Stress busters

Timelines and deadlines are inevitable. Stress is a silent killer that leads to heaps of diseases. Smoking, drinking coffee and whatnots are NOT methods of handling them!

Instead, practise deep breathing techniques, and soon all that stress will melt away, and you’ll even end up feeling rejuvenated. If you have to work long hours, take a short break by going out for a walk, a run or the gym – if time permits.

There is really no excuse to not mind your health just because you’re stuck in a deskbound job.

There are always ways to get some exercise in, it’s just about getting it done, much like how you seem to be able to get work done.

The WorkWell Desk Exercises Workshop is an excellent start to better health for everyone who spends a lot of time being deskbound. You will learn about improved seating posture and how to minimise pain, among others.

In the pursuit of your professional life goals and gains, don’t discount your wellness. Be selfish and place the needs of your health above other matters. At the end of the day, always remember that the measure of true wealth is your health.

Stop the excuses today!